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The Story

Bob Beeman is a flunky at Everest Productions, working under the thumb of Wendell, his brother-in-law and Studio CEO. He is given a last chance to make good. His "simple" assignment is to go to a small town called Ithaca to find a couple of locations for a big budget schlock picture called "Virgin Blood."


Arriving in Ithaca, Beeman is mistaken for a big-time movie producer. Though he makes some feeble attempts at denying it, the people in the star-struck town simply refuse to hear it. 

Cornered by Jimmy and Alex, composer and writer of a musical called "Julio," Beeman is so enthralled by their story that he throws caution to the wind and admits that he is, in fact, a producer and will make their film. Beeman then takes the town on a wild, perilous ride. 

"Green Lights" has all the elements of a captivating tale: suspense, action, intrigue, music, and love. Love?

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